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November 2014 
I have had wonderful progress since attending classes at Body Harmony Pilates. Several years ago I sustained a spinal injury so Specialists, Physiotherapists and Doctors have all advised me to try Pilates. I finally did, and I have had huge improvements in body movement, all over strength, balance, flexibility and to my surprise a nice amount of tone and definition in all the right places. Frances is a brilliant instructor she has a lovely teaching manner. Not one class is exactly the same, I look forward to learning something different every week. I leave feeling relaxed, happy and keen for the next class.


August 2013
On reaching 67 years of age, I found that my body was feeling quite weak, especially when crouching or kneeling to pick something up.  A friend invited me to join her at Body Harmony Pilates and I thought then that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Therefore I would give it a chance.

I found Frances to be a caring and committed instructor, ensuring each member of her class obtained maximum benefit from the class. Along with this she gave individual attention to everyone's specific needs.

From these classes I was able to rebuild my core strength and can now get up from kneeling with little or no effort.

Apart from this, I have obtained a new focus on my general health and wellbeing and look forward to activities with a fresh and enthusiastic attitude.
Lesley Hewett

October 2015
I was fortunate to be apart of Frances 'Mums n Bubs' class. Pilates provides an ideal postpartum workout. It is a safe exercise mode for new mums in varying stages of post-natal recovery. 
Unlike regular exercise classes, where you might drop bub off at crèche, this class is unique as it allows your baby to stay in the classroom at all times, with you. This benefits both baby and mum. Bub gets to socialise, interact and play with other babies and it prepares them for crawling and standing. And for us mums, it's an opportunity to get a good workout whilst spending time with our babies. You also get to network with other mums in exactly the same situation.
You will learn a series of exercises that strengthen and lengthen your back muscles and strengthen your core and pelvic floor, essential for postnatal recovery. 
Francis is an amazing teacher who demonstrates in calm, clear and professional manner and spends time getting to know you to tailor the strength of the stretches to your ability. I noticed as soon as I went to Pilates that my core and spine strengthened and I was experiencing less back pain.  I highly recommend her classes. Nat 


October 2015
Ivy and I loved attending the mums and bubs classes. Frances is a wonderful instructor and I would highly recommend her classes to anyone wanting to do pilates. Her gentle and calm manner made for a relaxed environment for both mothers and babies, so we all got the maximum benefits from the class. Thanks for all your efforts Frances! Liz